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Wage and Hour Employee & Worker's Rights

Improper Wage Statements

One way that employers conceal depriving employees of their proper wages is by failing to provide employees with accurate and complete pay stubs sometimes called wage statements. These are typically the detachable part above or with a pay check.  Even with many employers using direct deposit or third party payroll companies, they are required to provide employees with certain information from which the employee can ascertain their wages and any deductions during the relevant pay period. 


The following information is required to be on your wage statements.

(1) gross wages earned;

(2) total hours worked by non-exempt employee;

(3) all deductions;

(4) net wages earned;

(5) the inclusive dates the employee is being paid for;

(6) the name of the employee and the last four digits of his or her social security number or an employee ID;

(7) the employer’s legal name and address;

(8) all applicable hourly rates and the corresponding number of hours worked for each; and

(9) for piece rate workers, the number of piece rate units.  


If your employer does not provide wage statements or they lack any of the information above, you may be entitled to damages or penalties.  Whether you are an employee experiencing improper wage statements, or a business facing such claims, we invite you to contact a wage and hour and employment attorney at Shalchi Burch LLP as soon as possible. 

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