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Sexual Harassment

Our society has a problem with mature sexuality.  This is sadly most reflected in hyper sexualized work environments that sometimes operate on a lower plane than many high school locker rooms.  No one should ever have to tolerate sexual harassment in the workplace. If you have been sexually harassed at work, or have been pressured with sexual advances from a co-worker or supervisor (or even a customer or vendor), you need to contact Shalchi Burch to stop the harassment.  Your dignity should not be compromised at all and even the most subtle sexual advances can be grounds for a sexual harassment lawsuit.


If your success on the job depends on willingness to participate in sexual activities with your supervisor or another employee, you are being placed in a very toxic situation and must get legal advice to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against your employer. Shalchi Burch will fight for you.


Sexual harassment assumes two primary modes: “quid quo pro” harassment where an employee offers a job benefit or threatens with termination in exchange for sexual favors; and a hostile work environment, when coworkers or supervisors engage in intimidating, ridiculing and insulting behavior. This type of harassment can take the form of sexist comments, sexual jokes, lewd remarks or simply insults directed at one sex.   It can be perpetrated by men or women against men or women.  Both types of sexual harassment are completely unacceptable in the workplace environment and should not be tolerated by any employer.

Employees may be entitled to back and front wages, pain and suffering, attorney’s fees and possibly punitive damages.


If you have been sexually harassed at the workplace, or if your business is facing such claims, you should contact Shalchi Burch LLP immediately. 

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